Brilliant voices – Metastasio and the Galante viol

A rare occasion to hear and enjoy the marvellous and virtuosistic late repertory of the viola da gamba, with voice and string orchestra, with gorgeous works of J. G. Graun, A. Hasse, C.F. Abel, G. Tartini. The legacy of the baroque viol’s voice for the new classical era. With the awarded soprano Amanda Forsythe, and Opera Prima Orchestra.

Chambre du Roi

This proposal is dedicated to the musicians that worked at the Chambre du Roi (Louis XIV) of Versailles; especially the viol and theorbo music of Marais, De Viseé, Forqueray, Corbetta e Lully. With Simone Vallerotonda on the Theorbo.

Café S. Marco

All Venetian repertoire for viol (viola all’inglese), and orchestra. Music of Vivaldi, Tartini, Marcello, Telemann, and Albinoni.

Viaggio in Italia

Works for the viola da gamba in Italy seem to have been written only during a few decades; in reality, like small cameos, pages dedicated to the viol appear scattered throughout the repertoire up until the second half of the eighteenth century, such as the recently-discovered Tartini sonata for viola da gamba and basso continuo. Concert in trio, for harpsichord, theorbo, and viola da gamba.

Lachrimae – between Earth and Heaven

The entire collection of Lacrimae and dances of Dowland, in a new embellished version by the Opera Prima viol consort, with viola da braccio and flute. The CD of Lacrimae has been released in October 2019 for Brilliant Classics Label in coproduction with RSI of Lugano.

Cantar Bastardo

A special project that I have recorded with Marco Scavazza, baritone, dedicated to the Italian renaissance music: a miscellaneous collection of the most interesting madrigali, villanelle, and frottole played according the lost practice of Cantar alla viola. The CD is published for Elucevanlestelle Records. It is the music of Palladio’s time.

Bach’s Abend 

A program dedicated to the German music for viola da gamba and cembalo concertente. With the 3 sonatas of J.S. Bach, the C major sonata by C.P.E. Bach, and Chorales from the Orgel Buchlein. With Roberto Loreggian at the Harpsichord.


A program dedicated to the music of G. P. Telemann. A dialogue between the Trio sonatas and the Fantasia for solo instruments, one a “standard” form and the other a new experiment of baroque composition.
All the pieces are recorded for Brilliant Classics.

Passion of Musicke

A concert for solo bass viol; it is a program that begins with the very first music written for viol, a Ricercare of Ganassi, and concludes with the important virtuosic repertory of the great masters like Marin Marais, Forqueray, Telemann, Louis de Caix d’Hervelois, and J.S. Bach. A journey into the history and the technical and expressive evolution of the viol over three centuries.