The “Instituto Laboratorio di Musica Antica” (ILMA), created in 2002 by the Province of Pordenone and the Associazione Antiqua, and directed by Gian Paolo Fagotto, is a structure that organically integrates musicological research with the production of musical performances and recordings.  In 2009, Cristiano Contadin and Gian Paolo Fagotto created the ILMA Summer courses, which take place during a week of July or August in the town of San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone), a small architectural treasure trove of palaces, churches, and a castle perfectly preserved and restored in the Renaissance style.  Maestri such as R. Goebel, S. Kujken, R. Alessandrini are just a few of the teachers that have participated in these courses.


Cristiano Contadin teaches viola da gamba and baroque chamber music at Venice’s “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory in the splendid setting of the Palazzo Pisani.

Here are the available courses:

Corsi propedeutici al triennio 

Triennio ordinamentale di I Livello in Viola da gamba

Biennio sperimentale di II Livello in Viola da gamba

In addition, in 2018/2019, he began offering an open course of Viola da gamba for students not enrolled in the Conservatory.

If you are interested in studying in Venice through the Erasmus program, click here.

The viola da gamba course is part of the Department of Ancient Music, which also includes classes in Baroque Violin, Baroque Vocal Repertoire, Lute, Recorder, Harpsichord, and Baroque Bassoon. On the Facebook page of the Department of Early Music (link) you will find pictures and more information about the numerous Institute projects and concerts that take place throughout the spectacular city of Venice. These collaborations between students and professors offer a remarkable and unique opportunity to develop as a young musician.