CORRETTE Les délices de la solitude – BRILLIANT CLASSICS 95265 [JV]

… As I wrote, this set has been recorded before on the cello. This performance on the viola da gamba is a real alternative. From a historical point of view, the cello is the more obvious choice, but musically speaking these sonatas come off just as well on the viola da gamba. Cristiano Contadin is a very fine player of this instrument and in his hands these sonatas really come to life. The line-up in the basso continuo is different, which creates some variety. This disc also demonstrates that the fact that Corrette was such a prolific composer, especially of music for amateurs, cannot used against him. This is really good stuff and there is every reason to be happy that Corrette is taken more seriously these days.  Lovers of the viola da gamba, especially, are well advised to investigate this disc

March 2017 – MusicWeb-International / Johan van Veen

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